i was listening to a screamo song for fun then i heard all this extra yelling that i thought was part of the song but then i realized it was just my family arguing

Thursday Aug 8 @ 03:15am



two deer walk out of a gay bar, one turns to the other and says “man, i can’t believe i blew thirty bucks in there”.

this literally took me forever to get

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 10:47pm

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 10:46pm

I have to work tomorrow, but I don’t feel good now, and I feel like I won’t feel good tomorrow…

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 10:45pm




science side of tumblr please explain why ice water tastes better than regular water

Because ice is water, and water is water. So if you put ice in water, it’s like… double water.

god damn it science side of tumblr

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 10:44pm
Send me 2 hockey players and based off look I’ll choose one!!


Pls I’m bored

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 10:25pm

Steven Moffat has saved so, so many lives.


Steven Moffat has saved so, so many lives.

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 10:24pm


She sounds just like Bey…lmao

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 10:24pm
Okay, this is NOT me shitting on the ice bucket challenge:

I think it’s great, it’s done great things, and it makes people feel what those with ALS feel, even if it’s for a short time. With the numbness and it being hard to breathe and function. It’s raised a ton of awareness, and I would do it (have not been challenged).

But please remember, there are other diseases that cause similar effects to people. Like MS, and one that no one ever talks about or even knows about, Charcot Marie Tooth. My mom is affected by both. She is okay, she’s on medication for MS, but there’s really nothing people can do for CMT. Just remember there are other similar diseases.

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 10:23pm





Gothic wedding

To remember for my Halloween wedding.

Ok! I am so doing this for my wedding! Needs to happen.

, if this isn’t you’re wedding I’m going to be disappoint


Wednesday Aug 8 @ 10:11pm

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